Friday, June 5, 2009

The Habit

One of my major beliefs is, it doesn't matter too much what exercise you do, it's the habit that is most important. (Now don't take this too far and think that doing 20 crunches a day and nothing else will get you results.) This belief of mine stems from a common problem. You have a busy day and before you know it, it's 9p.m. and you haven't done your 40 min run or your DVD or your trip to the gym. You tell yourself the day is lost and you promise you'll do it the next day. From here, you're in danger of another missed day. Think about the habit more than your regular routine. DO SOMETHING!!! Two sets of push-ups and crunches with jumping jacks and jump rope in between them. Run up and down the stairs 20 times and hold a wall sit for 1 minute. > just to name a few

I repeat, it doesn't matter what you do, it's the habit that is most important. What you're fighting for is having your will power in tact, even if your regular exercise isn't possible. You're fighting for the habit, because the habit will carry you through these dips and breaks. You need "I never miss a day of working out" on your side! Your will power needs that. Too often, people miss a day, then it's two, then their frustrated, then they eat a ton of ice cream because "Oh well, I'm starting again on Monday.", to feel better but they feel worse, and Monday never comes.
Tell yourself these 2 very important words when faced with a missed day (or 2 or a missed week).....SO WHAT! "So what! I missed my regular workout. I'm doing something! So take that, ice cream!"
As for summer what you feel good about. If you're body needs a vacation from working out, so be it. Be sure to get back in the habit when you get home. That suitcase will wait for you to unpack it. You're accomplishing so much, don't let a wonderful vacation be the start of breaking your habit.

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